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Our mission goes beyond entrepreneurs, small business, freelancers, and startups calling us home. We empower our team to do their own creation of their life’s work. We also challenge one another, and our work is very rewarding due to us caring about our culture and looking out for each other. We know that it takes teamwork to successfully carry on the work to do.

Our Plans & Services

Rent a private office space for yourself or a customized cluster of NYC office suites for your team


Premium, Flexible, Full-Service Office Space Located in The Bronx, NYC


Unique suites, specialized floor plans, or a one-of-a-kind HQ in The Bronx New York

Dedicated Desks

Explore our Dedicated Desk plans in SINARTI building in The Bronx, NY

About Our Amenities


Air conditioning


High speed internet access


Business Lounge


Disabled facilities


Major transport links


Elevator in building


Meeting rooms


Security cameras


Additional perks




Single or multiple studios


Fitness Center


Parking Spaces

Rent fully equipped
Private Office Space

Rent a private office space for yourself or a customized cluster of NYC office suites for your team in our inspiring quiet and professional service driven environment. We offer quick start up, flexible terms and personalized services.

When it comes to getting that great view of New York in a corner private office with generous amounts of natural sunlight coming through large windows, we even have that for very competitive prices. With us, you can get a flexible, premium, full service. Whether the company consists of only you or a team of employees needing customized suites, we have you covered.

Starting At Only $699/month

Ideal Space for Your Small Business Growth with Sinarti

Sinarti is a trusted partner for your small business. We’re here to help all kinds of businesses grow and succeed! Whether you run a salon, barber shop, tattoo parlor, or boutique, we have the ideal space for you and your business. We also welcome photography studios, accounting services, real estate agencies, and art galleries.

Craft stores, farmers market vendors, handyman, and childcare centers feel right at home here. Got a knack for tutoring, music lessons, or planning unforgettable events? Sinarti is the most suitable spot for your business to thrive!

Experience lightning-fast internet, comfortable meeting rooms, and eco-friendly spaces designed to help your business thrive.

Let’s grow together with a positive spirit and cheerful atmosphere!

Why Sinarti

Our mission is to create an oasis of possibilities where people can enjoy and experience business and entrepreneurship.

  • Choose from our vibrant spaces in Pelham Bay (Middletown Road) or Claremont (Webster Avenue). 
  • Corner location with generous light and air.
  • Located in the booming Port Morris neighborhood.
  • Four blocks from the Cypress Ave 6 subway stop providing a 30 minute trip to Midtown.
  • One block from the E 134th St / Willow Ave bus stop
  • Easy access to RFK/Triborough Bridge, I-278, Bruckner Expressway, I-95, I-87, & the GW Bridge

Free Space Planning Service

Customizable Studios for Any Artist Or Business

The Neighborhood

This is community district located in the Bronx in New York City, USA. We are located in southwest Bronx. 10454 is the zip code for this area, and the NYPD 40th Precinct serves this neighborhood. It’s boundaries include the Bronx Kill river to the south, the East River to the southeast,the Harlem River to the west, East 149th Street to the east, and the Major Deegan Expressway and Bruckner Expressway to the north. Oak Point is also in Port Morris, and major freeway nearby includes the Bruckner Expressway. Also, most of this area is in walking distance to the Cypress Avenue station at the IRT Pelham Line. At the Cypress Avenue station, the 6 train, you can also go the following routes: Bx15 goes to Fordham Plaza or Manhattanville via Third Avenue, Bx17 goes to Fordham Plaza via Crotona and Prospect Avenues, Bx33 goes to 135th Street which is served by the number 2 and 3 trains via 138th Street, and the main thoroughfare through Port Morris is Bruckner Boulevard which goes under the Bruckner Expressway.

Creative Spark

Sinarti buildings located at Middletown Road in Pelham Bay and Webster Avenue in Claremont offer affordable, high-quality workspaces for individuals and businesses looking to achieve long-term growth and success. 

Sinarti building is designed to provide New York City’s business community with access to affordable and convenient office space for rent.

We are located in the thriving Port Morris neighborhood, we are a block away from the Willow Ave and E 134th ST corner bus stop. Also, the Cypress Ave 6 subway stop is four blocks away in which takes 30 minutes to travel to Midtown. You can also get easy access to the GW Bridge, RFK/Triborough Bridge, Bruckner Expressway, I-87, I-95, and the I-278 from our location.

Our Locations


  • 1. Carmen & Cindy
  • 2. Picanteria El Botecito
  • 3. The Living Room Il
  • 4. Milk Burger
  • 5. Zaro’s Bakery
  • 6.Dunkin’ Donuts
  • 7. McDonald’s
  • 8. Don Pancho’s
  • 9. Ceetay
  • 10. Made In Puerto Rico Bar & Lounge
  • 11. Charlies Bar & Kitchen
  • 12. Mott Haven Bar & Grill
  • 13. Double Dutch Espresso


  • 1. Fordham University Rosehall Campus
  • 2. New Visions Charter High School
  • 3. Foreign Academy-Global Studies
  • 4. Heketi Community Charter School
  • 5. Academic Leadership Charter School
  • 6. South Bronx Charter
  • 7. The American Dream Charter School
  • 8. Young Leaders Elementary School
  • 9. Brilla College Prep
  • 10. Bronx Charter School for Children
  • 11. Young Leaders Elementary School
  • 12. New York City Montessori Charter School
  • 13. Mott Haven Academy Charter School
  • 14. Charter School For International Cultures


  • 1. Bronx Tavern
  • 2. Port Morris Distillery
  • 3. The Bronx Brewery
  • 4. Restaurant Depot
  • 5. The New York Expo Center
  • 6. Dollar Tree
  • 7. Rite Aid
  • 8. H&R Block
  • 9. Baskin-Robbins
  • 10. Mobil
  • 11. Speedway


  • 1. Amazon
  • 2. FreshDirect
  • 3. New York Post
  • 4. FedEx Ship Center
  • 5. Maison Kayser Pastry Commissary Building
  • 6. U-Haul Moving & Storage of Port Morris
  • 7. Fairway Market PDC
  • 8. Liberty Coca Cola Beverages
  • 9. Manhattan Beer Distributors
  • 10. Frito-Lay Inc
  • 11. CubeSmart Self Storage


  • 1. Union Crossing
  • 2. The Bruckner Building
  • 3. The Joinery Condominiums
  • 4. Old Bronx Post Offi ce
  • 5. Brookfi eld Waterfront Bronx
  • 6. Bronx Point
  • 7. Gerard Avenue


  • 1. CrossFit SoBro: The Bronx Box
  • 2. rossfi t Concrete Jungle

Dedicated Desks At Sinarti

Our Dedicated Desk plans in the SINARTI building in The Bronx, NY let you ground your business’s home base in a buzzing hub of creativity and commerce. With this flexible office space plan, your workspace is permanent, meaning you and your team work from the same spot each day. Dedicated Desk plans include a Hi speed internet, Mail Service, Meeting Rooms, Cleaning, Kitchen Access and more. So you feel the peace-of-mind from knowing there’s a station waiting for you every morning, and the ease of not having to carry your stuff around with you all the time. You get all the perks of working in a community, with a space you can really call your own office in the Bronx.

Available at $120 / week + $35 annual membership